02 September 2010

Birthday Wanty Things

Epiphanie camera bag (ginger), $164.95.  I was already in love with these bags and wanted one. Then I went to BlogHer and saw all of the different incarnations in REAL LIFE.  Now I want one MORE.
The new Kindle (with 3G & WiFi), $189. I want it. That is all.
Joe's Provocateur Jeans, SUPER EXPENSIVE (but also awesome).  I bought them on sale at Macy's for $60, which *I* felt was spendy for jeans. But now that I own them? They are magic, and $150-$175 for a second pair is sounding more and more reasonable.
Other things: Money (obvs), fluffy books (that are also good), the repair of my sewing machine, pretty earrings that don't hurt my delicate little metal-sensitive earlobes, an éclair, one of those connecty cords that will make my iPod talk to my car stereo (accidentally left mine in my old car when I got the new car), an extra usb cord for my phone (htc incredible) because having only one is a pain in the ass, cute underwear, coffee, fun eyeshadow, knitting supplies, a beachy vacation, absolution of debt, scoring over 700 on the GMAT, a television that doesn't have a weird divot on the screen exactly where faces always seem to be, daily naps, or, whatever.


  1. You know, I've never actually owned a Kindle. But the idea that one can carry a gajillion books in one gadget seems amazing.