17 August 2010


I like to use birthdays as an opportunity to tell you about the great people in my life.
Last year I didn't tell you about Stella because I was too busy telling you about Duncan (who's 26 today, happy birthday!).
I met Stella when our kids, Gabriel and Leo, were 3 and 8 months old, respectively.
And we heard about each other before we ever met, because our friends all noticed that our kids look an awful lot alike.
And they really do.
So that was the first thing.

Leo & Gabriel (And Stella and Me)

Leo & Gabriel

Stella is shameless in a way that I could only ever hope to be, so when strangers would exclaim about our lookalike kiddos, she would respond, with a completely straight face, or maybe a friendly smile, "Yeah they have the same dad!"
And I would ABSOLUTELY DIE of embarrassment.

Countless times she's been the girl who's kept me sane.
A fellow Warrior Single Mother, she organizes babysitting co-ops and exchanges.
She cooks me dinner.
I fold her laundry.
She cuts my hair.
I mend her clothes.

I'll call her frantically on the verge of losing my mind.
"I think you need an adventure," she says.
She makes it so.

Stella is one of those people blessed with such ridiculous charisma that she can get away with anything in the world.
I just love her.
Everyone loves her.
You can't help but love her.

Speaking in hypotheticals of course, it wouldn't matter WHAT she did, because she's Stella, and somehow whatever she does is always okay.

Stella was the only friend of mine to come to my grandfather's memorial services.
Words cannot express how much that meant to me.

Stella's great.
And it's nice that our kids are crazy about each other too.

Happy birthday babydoll.


Happy Kids

So glad I'm holding my camera case...



Leo & Gabey

Me & Stella

Truly, this is friendship

Out, Chico, 1/9/10



Quintessential Stella



  1. Happy Birthday, Stella! You fucking rock.

  2. happy birthday stella!

  3. You guys look like so much fun, and also I LOVE the name Stella.

  4. Stella sounds pretty awesome. Happy birthday!

  5. Omg i love these pics! and the pics of the boys together? priceless!

  6. OMG you said it! Gotta luv Stella! happy b-day girl! EDEN

  7. Happy Birthday Stella! You sound amazing! And I hope that when I eneter single motherhood next year I can find a Stella of my own.

  8. You will!
    Honest promise!
    Single mothers have a way of recognizing their own and bringing them into the fold.

  9. just found your blog for the first time... YAY!!!
    I need "a Stella" in my life...
    doing the single mom thing myself, just at a much older age
    40 when G was born.

    oh & happy birthday Stella :)

  10. Happy [belated] Birthday, Stella!

    Y'all always look like you are having a great time in your pics together. ;)