10 August 2010

Post BlogHer Disease

I have Post-BlogHer Disease.  I have a scratchy throat and I'm achy and my sinuses are all on strike.  I sound like a pack-a-day smoker, and not in a sultry way.
In a scary way.
I've been sleeping for most of the time since I've been back, putting things away in ones and twos and not-at-alls.
Luckily my....sickness (?) coincides with Gabriel's Post-A-Week-At-His-Dad's-House Disease.  Which is not to say that he leaves his dad's house diseased, but he always comes home from all the excitement of Oh!My!God!Daddy! weekends a little tired, and this was the longest he's ever spent there.  He's been droopy, and needing extra rests.
It's worked out well for me, since we've both been sleeping and lazing and napping all over the place.
It's nice to be back in the cool coastal Northern California climate.  It was 50 degrees and foggy this morning, it cleared up briefly in the afternoon, and now we're couched in fog again.  I haven't broken a single sweat in the past 24 hours, and that is just DANDY. 

Today was my first day back at work.  August is the slowest of the slow, when it comes to my cyclic office, so it was a handy time to take off, and I'm not too behind coming back.  Just a couple projects that I've been avoiding.
That I may continue to avoid.

As it literally took me YEARS to get Gabey to a place where he will sleep in his bed for half the night usually maybe, I don't want to backslide on all that endless work, but I miss the kid, so I've let him hop straight into my bed the two nights we've been home.
I won't lie, my own exhaustion played a part, but it's also quite nice to have that warm little bug cuddled up in his corner.

On the off chance that the pictures didn't tell enough of the story, the conference was good and also lots of fun.
And there actually was a conference.
I was there.
In the day.
At the sessions.
I feel like I have to say that explicitly since no one seems to believe that I was doing anything but drinking vodka in the bathtub.
Although I was doing that too.

The thing about the internet is that it's full of all of the people that real life is full of, just in greater numbers.  I have access to all these wonderful like minded awesome people,  I'd drink them up I love them so.
By the same token there are people with whom I don't really want to hang out, and whatever, I just don't.
There are sane people and crazy people and people who make me uncomfortable and people who put me at ease and people who are shy and people who interrupt and just PEOPLE.
There are people everywhere.
People whom I wish I could import straight to my own town for weekly coffee dates.
People I'd just as soon do without.
People who don't rub me one way or the other.
That's how people are.

Now I'm home and I'm terminally sleepy but at least that sweet boy of mine is snuzzly in his blanket instead of leaping off of the furniture and climbing the walls.
He climbs my walls you know.


  1. Yep. PostBlogHer Disease here too. At least it's not BlogHerBola.

  2. I have that same damn disease, too. Ugh.

    And you were totally there during the day - I saw you at breakfast and lunch a few times.

    (and you rocked every outfit you wore, too.)

  3. Get well soon!
    I have that same thing going on with my little boy...he comes back from his dad's and I can't help but let him crawl in my bed. I missed him!

  4. Oh yeah. I thought I just had "scratchy throat from talking over the loud music" disease. But today my nose has joined in. Ugh. Not happy.

    But! I got to see you! And grope you! So I'll deal.

    Hope you & G are both feeling better soon!

  5. Oh my gosh I felt that way too!!! My voice sounds like I should be working an 800 number after dark. Hey now, that's not a bad idea!

  6. He was SO CUTE on Sunday when he got dropped off. I really wanted to snuggle him but he just wanted to snuggle you. So cute!!