20 August 2010

Just like that, here we are.

I really don't feel like writing anything today, but I really do feel like posting these photographs. 
Taken separately, each makes me feel tender and squishy-brained. 
Together, they positively make my heart smile.

My mom with her grandmother
My great-grandmother and my mother.
Playing with my hair
Gabriel, and me.
If you go here (not p0rn, just my shared items in google reader) well!  
Then you can read some online writing you will surely love.  
Assuming, of course, that you and I have the same taste in Things Worthy of Love.  
If we do, you're awesome.
If not?
I suppose I'll allow you to live.
For now.


  1. So what you're saying is that evolution can be proven photographically because you're all descended from monkeys?

  2. These photos make me feel all tender and squishy-brained, too. Beautiful.

  3. That is some nice squishyness.