23 August 2010

Hair Retrospective 3 of 3, post college to NOW

We talked about the early years, and the teen through college years.
Now let's talk about the ADULT YEARS.
Once I graduated from college I had to like...work? To support myself? Which meant that I started spending an awful lot of time indoors, and my hair started to be Not Blonde.
But still curly.
So it was like that for awhile, and then I got pregnant and it did that freakishly long haired fast growing thing that apparently is normal for pregnant ladies.
(Not fat, just pregnant. Also yes, there is a LOT going on here that is worthy of discussion)
Then I had Gabriel and my hair started falling out and I made K cut it all of for me because I was OMG SO FRUSTRATED.
Summer 2006 096
How squishy are those baby cheeks? SO SQUISHY.
After the initial chop-off, Stella started cutting my hair for me, but I also started growing it longer again, because, honestly, I prefer my hair longer (see also: curliness).
Throughout this time I had maintained a fierce opposition to bangs because HELLO HAVE YOU MET MY CURLY HAIR?
Then I was at a birthday party for my friend Holly's baby and all of my Chico Mommy Friends just sort of GANGED UP ON ME and Stella HAPPENED to have her sheers in her car and within MINUTES I was getting my hair chopped and I was prescribed SWEEPY BANGS.
This is a picture from when I got home that day, with less hair than I'd left the house with.
Went to a baby birthday party, came back with a haircut. Like you do.
I posted that picture...somewhere online (old blog probably?) and one of my friends said she liked the color that I'd dyed it, and I HADN'T dyed it (just the weird yellow bathroom lighting plus camera phone), but I was NEWLY INSPIRED TO DO SO.
And that basically brings us up to speed for my hair choices for the following SEVERAL years, with variations for the fact that red dye fades very quickly, and sometimes I need a haircut.
Driving, is this on here twice?
Nametag Boobie
I was like, reinvented as a redhead, or something.
I started THINKING of myself as a redhead.
People started INFERRING personality traits based on my redheadedness.
The DMV guy even went so far as to make me change my hair color on my driver's license.
And then!
Purple hair hurts my brain
After the...purpleness, I went through great trouble and expense to get it back to a color that didn't make me want to cry when I looked in the mirror.
Hair! Fixed!
Then I was like FUCK THIS BULLSHIT and I decided that I'm not dying my hair anymore.
I was traumatized, and done with hair crimes.
I haven't dyed it since.
And it faded to a point.
But then it was orange and full of roots and made me want to cry.
So then I stripped out the dye.
Messy up-do
And that was better but still sort of two-toned.
So I cut it all off.
NEW HAIR 5/5/10
And that basically brings us up to speed.
I still have some roots, which makes it still hard to tell what my natural hair color is, but I'm working on it.
I prefer my hair longer, so once I actually get all the dyed parts cut off, I'll grow it out again.
I'm converted to the bangs though.
I loves me some bangs.


  1. frankly, i kind of hate how pretty you are. i mean, underneath my love for you.

  2. I'm taking that as a compliment.
    I love you too.

  3. 1) are you drinking in the preggo pic?
    2) there are two pictures where I think you could be somewhat mistaken for Laura (and you know I never think/say that)
    3) Your cute short hair has me waffling all over again about my haircutting needs.

  4. love that last picture. You are lucky, you look good in any hairstyle. Even purple.

  5. While I am indeed in a bar, I'm club soda.

  6. Also, which two?
    Also, I hate my short hair. Don't do it.

  7. I love your bangs so much, I think I'mma bring a picture of you to my next hair appt.

  8. Cool post. It was exciting!

  9. Wow your hair WAS really long (and that photo is fantastic).

  10. Don't do it! Seriously!! I know what you are thinking-- "it looks so cute on her, I bet it could look cute on me. I just didn't know how to style it back when it was short those other times. I didn't know how to properly use a flat iron... etc."

  11. I have a really high forehead, and that's why I love my bangs. Also, they are a manageable amount of hair if they need to be lightly flat-ironed or something. As opposed to my WHOLE ENTIRE HEAD, which...not so much.

  12. Oh my gosh, you are too cute! Not a bad picture in there! LOL And? Each color looks fantastic on you! How is that possible?!

    You do rock the bangs, which makes me tres jealouse b/c I canNOT rock the bangs--I'm not sure if it's how they look on me, or how I am constantly trying to yank them off of my forehead b/c the make me crazy.

    love this post!

  13. oh hell, that should be "Sarah" not "Sarag"

  14. I thought maybe it was like "Sara G"
    And thank you.
    And I know a lot of people who can't DEAL with the bangs. But I'm a convert.

  15. I thought this post was about pubic hair. I'm so disappointed.

    I love how you look with red hair. It's mah fav'rit.

  16. But I'm not dying it anymore. So it's....whatever the hell color it is now.

  17. Strawberry brunette? It's a good color, too.

  18. Fun. Hair retrospectives seem like fun, but mine really hasn't changed all that much. Length a little, tone a little, but all in the greater dark blonde / light brown family. ;)

  19. The bangs do look lovely on you.

    I really feel you on the red. I had my hair red for YEARS. And I have serious grey hair, which started in high school for me. I was putting red dye on top of my almost black and grey hair - you don't even want to talk to me about roots. hehe :) I have dyed it back to it's natural color, so now I just get root touch ups. My hair needed the break from the five years of red abuse. :)