02 August 2010


dress hem

I make up for feeling shy and awkward by making myself loud and boisterous. 
You're geeky, I'm geeky, we're at a blogging conference, it's safe to say that we're all dorks.
If you see me?
Say hi.
I might be wearing red.


  1. DUDE.

    You already know, so I'm not going to say anything aside from OMG! ONE MORE DAY!

  2. You were the first (maybe the only) person who came up to me and said you found me because wanted to meet me. (It was at Room 704 on Thursday night and I appreciated it.) Also? You were wearing a red dress. :)

    Can't wait to see you on Wednesday.

  3. If I run into you, and I totally hope I do, I'm gonna want to know about and hopefully see your awesome tattoo!

  4. I totally used to do this. I was so shy, so I wore green lipstick and had pink hair and EVERYONE wanted to talk to me because... dude... I wore green lipstick and had pink hair and MUST FIND OUT WHY SHE IS WEARING THAT. hehe