08 July 2010

Shake. That. Ass for me. Shake that ass for me.

So there I was, thrift centering around, and what did I find but a new-still-in-shrink-wrap copy of Pompilates!  For $2!
What is Pompilates, you ask?
Oh man well it's in Spanish, but don't let that intimidate you, because its purpose is dang clear:
It's a tush workout.
In Spanish.
I was instantly, completely, 100% committed to making that purchase.
I even had a two dollar bill handy.

POMPILATES es un nuevo concepto de video que combina los mejores ejercicios de pilates y aeróbicos enfocados a las pompis.

You get to choose PompiSalsa, PompiAfroBeat, or PompiTechno for your background music.

And it's only 15 minutes but OHMYGOD.
You know how long I made it?
I lasted 6 minutes, 22 seconds, before spontaneously combusting, collapsing in a gelatinous heap on the floor, and crying for my mom.
And today it hurts to move.
I'm totally doing it again tonight.

The Spanish part is not a big deal because you're watching the lady do everything, and actually its much less annoying than a typical workout video because all of the encouraging bullshit washes RIGHT over my head.

Also there's totally a dude as a part of her two man crew; a little Hispanic dude working his buns.

POMPILATES: Es por tus pompis, admírate.
(I'd like to thank Nate Dogg for inadvertently titling my post (<--that song is NSFW, but also AH-MAZING)
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