15 July 2010

More BlogHer-ing

Some unrelated things bound loosely together in my mind by my upcoming trip to NYC to nerd around with a bunch of my friends Who Live on the Internet:

*Shoes!  Should I bring sneakers on the OFF CHANCE that I want to get all exercisy?  My flats don't take up much room, how many can I bring without seeming ridiculous?
Can I wear these with everything? I have my self 67% convinced that I can:
Turquoise Toes

*Hey, are you going?  When will you be there? I'm getting in early on August 4th, leaving on a morning flight on Sunday August 8th.  Staying at the conference hotel, with Julia and Lora.  Last year I met up with a bunch of people on the Wednesday night in the hotel bar.  That was lots of fun.  Wanna do that again?  Let's do that again!  Hey, with some emailing or something?

*Site seeing! Who's going where when?  Want to invite me?  I have Wednesday and Thursday to explore.  I've hit most of the museums in NYC on prior trips, but it would be cool to take a picture of the Statue of Liberty I guess.  I'm totally willing to do that via the Staten Island ferry, I ain't fancy or nothin'.

*Does someone have a handy mapped-out version of where we're staying so I can figure out where to buy snacks for the room?

*Hey, so. I have one of those old school phones that only calls people and sends text messages and stuff.  It doesn't connect to the internet or facebook or twitter, and if it takes pictures, I sure don't know how.  I actually AM changing service and leaping into this decade and getting a smartphone but I may not have it before I go on this trip.  You guys?  I might not have access to twitter or my email while I'm wandering aimlessly around.  I NEED YOUR PHONE NUMBER.  SRSLY.  Otherwise I will be a lost little lamb adrift in a sea of loneliness.  So....call me?  Or text, actually, I'm sort of phone-phobic (Hey I'm a blogger and I'm socially awkward! What a strange thing!).

*Laptop - should I bring it?  Last year I had to cuz I was liveblogging but I don't have one of those tiny netbooks, I have like, a heavy computer-type laptop.  If I don't bring AND ALSO don't have a clever phone will I regret it for all of my days?

*I don't THINK I'm bringing my DSLR on this trip, because I brought it last year and didn't use it AT ALL. Plus I have a pretty little point and shoot.  But. Again with the regrets. Will I regret not having it? 

*Clothes! I think I'm going to bring 2-4 fancy small dresses, and a couple festive type cleavage enhancing shirts, my favorite hawt jeans, my favorite comf jeans, and then a few daytime dresses, and a cardi? And a swimsuit because I never go anywhere without one. My mom always says that it's worse to have a swimsuit and not need it than to need it and not have it.
AGREED.  What else?

*Mic Wrangling! I'm mic wrangling this year, for some awesome sessions too!

*Money! How much cash on hand do I need?  Cab rides, food, drinks, what do I need hard cash money to pay for?

*Um....yeah. So. What else? Who's going?  Get in touch with me, okay?