29 July 2010

Hair Retrospective 2 of 3 - High School and College

I left off last time in Junior High School, when my hair first became wildly curly.  Let's continue our journey, shall we?
9th Grade
In ninth grade, I discovered gel. And got a little overzealous in my curl-controlling attempts.  I think this is L.A. Look, the green one.  My hair was literally hard to the touch. And crispy.  And awesome?
I don't even know what this hair IS
I actually think this from some summer in junior high, but I'm throwing it into this series because THIS IS WHAT MY HAIR LOOKS LIKE RIGHT NOW. I'm not so good with the brushing/combing/etc.
10th Grade
Tenth grade, when I got switched over to private hippie school.  Thus begins what will continue into a long history of 'hair twisted up and back.'  My bershon face is because I broke my front tooth the week prior, and I WILL NEVER BE PRETTY AGAIN AND LIFE IS SO UNFAIR.
11th Grade
In 11th grade I start smiling again even though you can see my horrible unsightly broken front tooth.  My hair is it's natural hair color, shortish, and it's actually much curlier than this, but by now I've figured out that if I keep it up when it's wet, it will dry much straighter.
Senior Year (high school!)
Senior year, hair down and fairly productless/in its natural state.  I think there might be some sort of lemon juice thing going on, but I was pretty blonde just from outdoorsness, etc.
Class. The Definition.
Hey! College! So. College? Yeah.

Then I dyed my hair brown VERY briefly (don't have a pic online to show you), and then I tried to dye it back to blonde, which is where we'll start up with photos again.

Oh wait.
With Lauren and Jen, 2001?
Here's a super washed out pic, but you can see that my hair is fading out of the brown into the....something?
Yeah, see the weird blonde dye line happening halfway down my face?  That's the evidence of the brown hair.
Checking the package
I think this is more or less back to what my hair looked like (naturally) when I still spent a lot of time outdoors/in the sunshine and before I got preggers and stuff.
Um. Yeah. Also I'm dressed like chicken and putting my hand on my friend Cody's stuffed banana hammock.
Kruger National Park, 2003
Gratuitous picture of me in South Africa, next to some lions, in Kruger National Park.

Next time, post-college to now.  At some point I get married to my bangs and refuse to ever ever EVER give them up.


  1. I like that last picture - glasses, braids, boobs - all the separate pieces coming together. Sorta.

  2. Oh em gee TEH CUTENESS! I love bershon followed by sunshine.

    I had crunchy gel hair in middle school / early high school, when I had a perm. I thought it looked shiny and gorgeous. And it DID---it just also looked WET, and it didn't MOVE.

  3. LOL, I am enjoying this stroll through hair of the past. hehe :)

  4. Oh, the utter cuteness.

  5. I am the opposite because I am TERRIFIED of bangs. Like super, duper DUPER scared of them. In fact, I need a hug now.