23 July 2010

Hair Retrospective 1 of 3 - Birth to Junior High

Me, tiny baby
Look at me with my baldness! 
Mom, me, cousin Jill
So. That continues for awhile (I'm the baby on the left).
Duncan, Laura, me
Aw I'm two and still don't have enough hair to cobble together a pony tail (on the right).
2 1/2 - is that the best we could do? Really? It's awfully floofy.
Me and Duncan
And when she was almost three, she finally grew herself the baby mullet.
me and Duncan
At 3 1/2 my hair was long enough for pigtails.
Mom's graduation
The start of the bedraggled hippie child little messy fluffhead years.  It gets worse.
me, kindergarten
Well, first it gets better for a minute. In kindergarten my dad did my hair.
Rockin the TieDye
Oh yeah, there it is.
Awesome 80s hair
When I told my mom bangs? She should have said no.
First Grade
Second Grade
Future Basketball Star
This is fourth grade? Someone needs to brush my hair. Although I can vouch for my mother: I wouldn't let anyone brush my hair.
Me & James
Huh. So...this is pretty much what I do with my hair today. Some things don't change.
Let's skip ahead to 6th grade, and the greatest outfit in all the land.
Me and James
And then when I was 12, my hair got VERY SUDDENLY CURLY. VERY CURLY.

Stay tuned for my next installment: Awkward high school years and college mistakes!