28 July 2010

Diptych - Vespertine

Kellee and I have started using dictionary.com words of the day (eventually even the most brilliant minds run short on ideas), and today our choice is vespertine.

Of, or pertaining to, the evening.

And do you know why my standardized test scores are always artificially high? Because I actually remember learning that word, in junior high.

I threw a fit, and we're taking next week off because I'll be in New York City making an ass of myself in front of a bunch of other bloggers. 

The week AFTER that (8/11), our theme will be bijou (I totally recommend looking THAT one up, I was thinking of bayou, and THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING).

All diptych info, including explainy information and a list of participants, can be found here.

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