08 July 2010

BlogHer10 - Party Dresses!

Wanna see my choices?
Pretend I'm wearing appropriate underwear?  I mean like, strapless bras where required and push-up bras where required, and spanx as needed and etc.  In these pics I'm....not.
And! I tried to take pics at an angle where you could see hemline, but if you can't see it, the longest dresses only come a couple inches below knee.
My choices!

BCBG criss-crossy LBD
This one is SUPER slinky/swanky, deep vee back which is hawtness for the tattoo, but tightness is a little tight on the belly, but good on the booty. 

BCBG taffeta skirt LBD
This one is fabulously comf with the floofy taffeta skirt option, plus it has sequins all around the hem.

Strapless Lacy LBD
This one, well first of all pretend it's not blurry and that I'm wearing the right bra. But this one I think maybe makes me look fat, and it's a little big.  I bought it on super sale.  In fact. Do you want it?  It's a big size 10 (I normally wear a 12 and it's large on me).

Evan Piccone LBD
I got this dress to wear to a wedding when Gabey was 6 months old. It is VAIR forgiving on the body.  I really like it for flatteringness, but I *am* a bit tired of wearing it all the time.

Velvet (brand) halter LBD
Pretend about the bra. This one I thrifted last fall.  It's flattering, if a bit boob-revealing and also a bit long for the skimpy top half.  I like it.  

Grey Floofy Dress
Things I love about this dress: Pockets! I love the back straps, I like the exposed zipper on the side, it's different, it's super comfy.  Thing I don't like: does it make me look fat?

Silver Shiny Dress
I bought this dress 2 1/2 years ago and have never ONCE worn it out of the house.  One reason is that the material is super clingy in a way that is spanx-mandatory.  But I think it makes me look slenderish, and it's SILVER, and I love it, truly. Just need to balls up and wear it already.

BCBG brown dress
This dress is much more chocolatey brown IRL than it looks in this pic.  It is pretty comfortable, although I'm not CONVINCED it's something I can wear chonies with.  It does this crazy HOLY J-LO TUSHIE thing that is....good if you're into that sort of thing, which I suppose I am?

Anyhow, I'm not packing ALL of them.
What do you think?