26 July 2010

BlogHer - Pro Tips

1.  Whining on twitter about what parties you didn't get invited to makes you sound:  like a whiner.  Cut it out.  There will always be private parties, at any conference, and there will always be people who aren't invited.
I say this as someone who probably wasn't invited either.
Would you believe that I'm not invited to MOST PARTIES?
It's like, only my FRIENDS want to invite me to their parties, and complete strangers who have never heard of me couldn't care less about my attendance.
Stop worrying about what you're NOT invited to, start thinking about the places you ARE going, suck it up, and have fun.

2.  Most people won't recognize you.  Don't worry, most people don't recognize me.  I don't recognize most people.
Seriously, I'm bad with faces.
And names.
Even if you talk to So-and-So every freaking day on The Twittah, unless you've printed up your avatar and pasted it to your forehead? Don't expect too much.
If you do paste your avatar to your forehead?
Can I have whatever you're having? Please?

3.  Don't get your panties in a bunch because everyone's talking about shoes and clothes and pedicures.  If you don't care about that stuff then just continue not to care about that stuff, filter out the noise, and carry on with your day, easy peasy mac n cheesy.
Similarly, don't get your panties in a bunch TALKING about shoes and clothes and pedicures.
If you shop at major national retailers? Someone else will probably have your dress.  Or your bag.  Or your earrings.  Or whatever.
There are couple thousand women at this conference, and I guaran-goddamn-tee you that a big old chunk did their shopping at your favorite store.  (And based on my highly scientific twitter research, that is especially true if your favorite store is Anthropologie (guilty as charged)).

4.  Go for whatever reasons you're going (social, business, what have you), practice patience, follow the golden rule.
Have fun.
Everything will be fine.
Don't forget your psych meds.