30 June 2010

This isn't even really real

(Not a real post)

1.  I want to delete my facebook.

2.  I started actually using tumblr, and it's filling a void I didn't even know I had.

3.  I'm already tired of people bitching about BlogHer.  It doesn't happen till August.

4.  Still can't find my iPod touch.  It's been months.  I could cry, if I thought about it too much. 

5.  I kind of want to write a 'how to inadvertently lose 15-20lbs' post, but to do so would require a lot of....acknowledgment of some OCD behavior I have.  Plus I'd have to talk about the cheese thing again, and I'm not to that stage of grief yet.

6.  Gabriel's starting a new school next week.  We're both excited.

7.  I went to the mall to buy a new strapless bra a couple weeks ago. And came home with a pair of designer jeans instead?  OHMYGOD YOU GUYS I LOVE THEM.  I am converted.  THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO OWN DENIM. My ass looks ah-mazing.

8.  BewbFest 2010. Do it.  I wasn't going to  submit anything because I wanted to be all smug and non-participatory as a member of BEWBFEST HALL OF FAME.  But, I kinda miss our boob site, so I sent something in.  I'll tell you to vote for me when the time comes.

9.  By the way Boob Emancipation has apparently died.  The domain needed to be renewed and only Holly could do it and she lives in Scotland now and....yeah.  Sadface. No more boobs.  Sorry guys.

10.  I really, really, REALLY want to finish my tattoo.  I was supposed to have an appointment on the 10th, but I canceled it when my car died, cuz, y'know, money.  But I'm still sad and jonesing for my tattoo fix and whatnot.

11.  My friend Gwen needs help.  I think the internet can help her.

That's all for today.