25 June 2010

My eyes, how they roll.

I like to keep an updated address book.  For most people, I evaluate what I've got at Christmas Card sending time.  If I know you move fairly regularly, I'll check in on your address then, and if I know that you don't or I think that you probably haven't, I'll leave it be unless I hear otherwise or want to mail you some sort of package or something.

Since Gabriel's dad moves at least a couple times a year, and since historical trends have indicated that he's not very good at letting me know about it, I try to ping him every few months to get his updated info.  One of those times is over the summer, when I'm filling out school forms and emergency cards and such.
Like today, for instance.
Me: Can you send me all of your updated work/home/mailing contact info?
Him: Why?
Me: So I can update what I have on file. I don't expect that should be a problem?
Him: Nothing has changed since the last time you asked me. If you don't mind letting me know in advance if you decide to return to court and I'd appreciate if I could receive the summons this time at my correct address.
Me: We're going to court?
You can understand my hesitation when you ask for addresses that you should already have, you haven't been completely forthcoming in the past about such things. Home address is still home, work is still work.
Okay Crazy McPants.
I'll file that away under.....Indignation?
Self-righteous paranoia?
Last I checked, we weren't going to court.
And since we've only been the once, I'm not TOTALLY clear on the historical basis.
But I'll make a note.
And, uh. So you've been living in the same place for a couple months now, so that's....neat....but you'll have to excuse me for expecting that to change soon, especially since you told me that you plan on moving. I think you told me you want to move as soon as possible?  So...I thought maybe you were moving? And I thought I'd check before I wrote this all down in BALL POINT PEN?
But pardon me for checking on your contact info.
But if I'm taking you to court? Then it's allowed?