02 June 2010

Graham Cracker Ramble

I go through crazy food obsession phases where all I want to eat is cashews and I eat a pound of them or I have cheerios for every meal or hummus toast for six days straight or whatever.

Right now it's graham crackers.
Graham crackers with peanut butter.
I'd be eating them right now, if I hadn't run out of peanut butter midway through my box of crackers.  

Out of peanut butter and idly reading the back of my graham cracker box, I noticed it asking me, "Why snackrifice?"
I'm not sure what the advertising point was, but my cracker box went on to suggest graham crackers spread with cream cheese and graham crackers dipped in chocolate pudding.

Graham crackers with cream cheese sounds to me like a midnight substitute for cheesecake and it also sounds delicious.
Of course I can't eat cream cheese (which still sucks, btw, thanks for asking), so I tried it with Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese (which is totally NOT better than cream cheese, false advertising, but it's like cream cheese, and it's better than no cream cheese).
Anyhow, SNACK!  It is indeed a 2am poor man's version of cheese cake.
And I'm sure it's better with real, whole, delicious, fattening, cow-based cream cheese as opposed to a tragic soybean oil/maltodextrin/tofu imitation cream cheese (that based on the ingredients list isn't even GOOD for you).

Don't snackrifice, or whatever.
Cuz graham crackers spread with cream cheese are fucking delicious.

I didn't have any pudding on hand to try out the pudding suggestion.