31 May 2010

Weekly Winners - Here and There

Weekly Winners

This was how I got dressed for car shopping:

My Buy-A-New-Car Outfit

I don't actually recommend, because see that skirt?  Just a tiny bit of windiness and that skirt will totally blow ALL THE WAY UP EXPOSING YOUR CHONIES IN FRONT OF GOD AND EVERYONE.  It was breezy and awkward.  Luckily I was wearing my skull-and-crossbones pirate undies.  So really, I was just showing the car salesmen dudes how badass I was.  Don't fuck with me, under this floral print I'm a pirate and 100% vicious. 
I got a 2010 Toyota Corolla, by the way.  It's red and I love it, although new car smell makes me sort of queasy. 

Julia?  Gabriel wants you to know that he made this outfit 'specially for you.  He had me take a picture to show you how COOL it was, and it's for you, and he says hi.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!