10 May 2010

This is about a dream I had, and no one likes hearing about other people's dreams, so feel free to skip this right over

I spent last Friday night at Julia's house.  At some point on Saturday morning (but way too early to actually be awake yet) she got up for water or something, and when she came back I told her, "I know this is annoying but I have to tell you the dream I just had or I won't remember it, and it was awful. And great."
To which Julia responded, "Okay.  But I don't like you very much right now."


Julia was getting married.  To someone.  That part was not important.
For her ceremony she and her husband were going to a weekend couples' retreat, at the end of which you were married! I'm not sure why I was there at all, because I remember being irritated that I was there at all.
Anyhow, the ceremony involved the couples (there were multiple) performing a magic trick together (making a dove appear under a hanky in the other person's hand (as 'a trust exercise')).  And then braiding a friendship bracelet ONTO the other person's finger (a friendship ring I suppose?), which was awkward and time consuming and happened while other couples were awkwardly waiting to do their own magic tricks.  This part was "to make the other person love you back."
The dude officiating the ceremonies and leading the retreat was this guy I used to date, and in my dream it was VERY AWKWARD, so I was all mad at Julia for making me go, especially since I was the only person there NOT GETTING MARRIED, and she was like, "He's the only person who does these ceremonies!  It's not like I had a choice!"  And I might have rolled my eyes, because even in my subconscious, incorporating magic tricks into your wedding ceremony is idiotic.
The whole thing took place at my grandma's pigeon farm, which at least made sense insofar as the doves were concerned.
I guess I should also tell you that I spent at least an hour on Friday night talking about magicians.  And also mocking these people I know who run couples' retreats.  And also picking apart this guy.
So there's that.