04 May 2010

Personal Blogging Rules

My filter for what can and cannot be blogged is pretty....non-existent.
I have an underdeveloped sense of shame.
There are, however, SOME RULES IN MY HEAD, loosely outlined as follows.

*I don't post my last name here (not that it's actually a secret, you LIKELY know my last name, but, y'know, not cuz I posted it RIGHT HERE ON THIS BLOG).
*I don't post Gabey's last name.
*Per K.Dot's request, I don't use his name.
*I don't knowingly tell other people's secrets.
*I don't post anything ABOUT a person that I would be unwilling to say TO a person.
*Gabriel's four, so this isn't really an issue just yet, but, I want to respect him as a separate person and not write things about his life that he wouldn't want shared.
*I don't talk about my dating world/sex life/ET CETERA unless it's in the past tense (I call this my public face/private vagina rule (you can thank Daniel and Emily for the naming thereof)).
*I don't have a specific rule about this, but I try to keep the EMO-SAD-PANTS posts to a minimum.  Because otherwise I might be in danger of making myself barf with all my FEELINGS.

EDIT:  Briya pointed out in the comments that she only refers to work in general terms, if at all.  Me too, and I try to stay out of the specifics of office drama.

So. Fellow bloggers.
Do you have rules?
What are they?
What am I not including?
Share, share.