03 May 2010

Old Lady Wardrobe (literally)

(And we aren't even talking about the thrifted stuff)

My wardrobe is.....
I don't have some anti-consumerist agenda or anything.  I buy myself new pretty things whenever I can possibly afford/justify doing so.

Here's my grandmother's sweater:

It's one of MANY that I wear on a fairly regular basis. 

Oh these? These are just my grandmother's leggings.  What? You don't wear your dead grandmother's leggings?  Huh.

This dress was my mom's when she was a teenager.

This dress was my mother's
I liberated it from her closet when I was about 15.

Class. The Definition.
(You should probably ignore the cigar and the natty light)
This is my dad's work jacket.  You don't have to go thrifting for your ironic nametag work clothes when your dad's a machine operator.

Closet Full of Dresses
Every single one of those shirts on the left belonged to either my grandmother or my great-grandmother.  They're the only button down shirts I own, so if I'm wearing one, well.  Yeah.

Just another cardigan from my grandma.

Not pictured:  Roughly half of my coats and jackets, a variety of purses and bags, several dresses, most of my scarves, all of my belts, jewelry, ET CETERA.

This dress was my mom's too (that's me)