29 May 2010

No Exercise Syndrome

For the past week or so my legs have been suffering from No Exercise Syndrome. I've seen on the TeeVee that they're calling this Restless Leg Syndrome and prescribing drugs for it. Guys? I'm here to tell you something.
If I don't exercise every day? And I don't mean like cray-cray 2 hour spinning class aerial aerobics exercise, I just mean like, a mile of walking or something, but if I don't exercise every day? I CAN'T FRICKING SLEEP BECAUSE MY LEGS ARE RESTLESS AND IT DRIVES ME CRAZY.
Really, I can't sleep.
Sometimes I'll get up in the middle of the night to jump up and down and do squats and calf raises and stuff so that my leg muscles feel more used and I feel less insane.
And then sometimes I have to get up and do it a second time because I haven't taken a damn walk in three days and my body is pissed y'all.


I don't think it's a good idea to prescribe me a medicine that facilitates sitting on my ass.

That said, I haven't really exercised in over a week, and my legs are driving me nuts, and I'm treating it with generous quantities of wine.

Cheers beeshes.