09 May 2010


This is my mom making pies at The Catalyst.
Here she is making pies at home:
My mom, by the way, makes the world's most delicious pies.

This is my mom at Swiss boarding school:
My mom and a friend
She's eight.
She didn't like being sent off to another continent when she was seven, not one bit.
She raised her children close, never sent us anywhere we didn't want to go.

My mom got her Bachelor's degree when I was three-turning-four.  Here she is with Duncan, the youngest of the three small children she was raising while she went to school full time, studying chemistry.
Mom graduation

Speaking at my grandfather's memorial services:
Duncan, mom, Randall Nelson

Ready to pull a gun on you:
my mom

I know I'm biased, but I think that my mom is the best mom in the history thereof.
She raised us to take school seriously, to take work seriously, to make our families our first priority, to love each other, to remember to have fun, to be practical, to be happy, to be thankful.

She's given me lots of good advice

She takes us as we are, she challenges us to do our best, she speaks with us frankly, she loves us unconditionally.

Happy Mother's Day.