19 May 2010

Local Knitters/Crafters Group?

When I lived in Chico, my friends and I got together on Sunday nights to knit (or crochet!),  drink wine (or beer!), and gossip. 

In SC, I have no such group.  I also haven't picked up my knitting in over a year.  And my sewing machine is disappearing under cobwebs.

(Can you tell wear this is going?)

I'd like to organize a crafters' social hour type thing.  I know right off the bat that I'm not going to be able to commit to doing it weekly, so I was thinking every other week, or perhaps once a month.
And this is me feeling out levels of interest, as well as general availability.

So if you are local to the SC area, or localish, please email me at grace! at! missdisgrace! dot! com! and lemme know.
Also if you have certain nights of the week that are more free than others.
Also if you're on facebook and we're not friends there, lemme know, cuz if I get this going, I'll probably do a facebook group to keep everyone in the loop.
Also if you have fabulous ideas, etc.
Also I love you.
Also feel free to forward this around.

Thank you!