27 May 2010

GTT - Books

In elementary school, when you had to write about your hobbies and talents and pastimes, I was the sad kid who had to write about reading, because that was the only thing I did. 
Yeah, seriously.

I go through book phases.  I spent a year and a half reading, almost exclusively, journalistic accounts of post-colonial history in third world countries.  Then for awhile I was reading historical works written about genocides.  And then there was the Russian history phase. 
You wanna depress yourself?  I have some recommendations. 

I also go through periods where all I want to read are memoirs, or historical fiction from a certain time period, or humorous essays, or romance novels, or et cetera.  I'm obsessive-compulsive like that.

Right now I'm in a young adult novel phase, facilitated entirely by my sister.
I'mma work backwards and tell you about the books I've been reading, starting with the most recent.

Jellicoe Road - OH MY GOD you guys! You guys! I read this book in a day and a half, WEEPING TRAGICALLY THE WHOLE TIME.  It's good-so-good!  And the love story is like, THE BEST, and, and, and.....AND!!!!  I'm still obsessively thinking about this book instead of other things having to do with my actual real life.  I plan on rereading soon.
The names are kind of silly, and it's kind of confusing in the beginning, but TOTALLY WORTH IT.  Oh and it's set in Australia.  It took me a shameful number of pages to figure that out, I'm sparing you the headache.

Fire - This is the prequel to Graceling (which I read first).  Graceling is really, totally good but Fire is SO MUCH BETTER.  But you'll want to read both so read Graceling first, cuz it was written first, and so forth.  Fantasy, both books with super strong female characters, again with the kind of stupid names, but really good love stories and also REALLY CONVINCING EVIL BAD GUYS THAT CREEP YOU OUT.  Totally recommend.

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side - This book is, in a way, completely ridiculous, but in another way, totally funny and making fun of itself and vampire fluff and great.  Read it in a day, totally enjoyed.  Not as good as Sunshine (which I talked about TO EXCESS here), but a pretty solid vampire love affair book.

My sister has promised to give me this weekend:  Some dark fairy books (faerie, whatever, you know those silly contemporary I'M A GOTH FAIRY BOOKS?  Those.) , and some stuff she has checked out from the library.  I'll try to keep you posted.
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