04 May 2010

A good reason for a Monday hangover: Molly

This past weekend my friend Molly was in town for a wedding.  She lives in Philadelphia, and I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving 2008.  I miss her and I love her, and I was excited.
We had Crepe Place lunch (I hadn't been there since last time I went with Molly and was totally baffled by the fact that menu had been changed).
Gabriel was a pill, but he ate most of his food, and licked all of the butter off of his blueberry muffin.
I was also very happy to have him because I think he was very, very wee the last time he saw my Mol.

Molly and Gabey Love

Sunday night I met Molly and various other high school affiliated parties at The Avenue, which, MAN OH MAN. So The Avenue (a dive bar that I frequent FAR TOO OFTEN) is pretty fucking sketchy when I go there on a Friday.  On a Sunday night?  It is EVER SO MUCH MORE.
There were hookers.

I love Molly to pieces, and she made my Sunday magical.
I already can't wait till I see her again.