23 April 2010

Travel Pics, and some Life List Fail

After my Girl Talk Thursday post, I decided to dig out some old travel pics.
It turns out that most of my pictures are either drunken bar photos or poorly shot scenery pics where you'd be better off with a postcard.
In totally non-sequential order!

Lesotho, 2003
Me next to a Land Rover in Lesotho.  It was cold.  There were chickens.  And some huts. And some whiskey.  And it was cold. Really, fucking, cold.

South Africa, 2003
Here's a picture (that's my foot), taken in South Africa, from the angle of what I can only describe as a partially motorized flying tricycle.  I don't think it was street legal. 

Surfing, South Africa, 2003
Here's me surfing, also in South Africa.  And yes, learn to surf is on my life list. But! This was like, the single time I stood up, and totally after the wave broke, etc.  So that gets to stay on my list until I learn how to surf for reals.

That does not, however, excuse this:
Cinque Terre, 2002
Taken in the summer of 2002, in the ocean, in Cinque Terre.  That is most definitely the Mediterranean.  Swim in the Mediterranean? Checked off before I even wrote it down, but I'm a Mental Giant, and didn't even remember MY OWN LIFE ADVENTURES.  Suck.

Durban, South Africa, 2003
Another one from South Africa, Durban this time.  Ah Durban, where a Japanese tour bus had recently been mauled.  We weren't allowed to leave the hotel without security.  Security with guns.

God's Window, South Africa, 2003
God's Window, which is in South Africa as well. And JAYZUS was I ever ahead of the times on that giant sunglasses trend.

Assissi's Garden, Italy, 1999
Including this from my 1999 trip to Italy so we can all smile fondly and give a collective "AWWWW" at this skinny, blonde, 16-year-old version of myself.

Florence, 2002
Florence in 2002.

Florence, 2002
Had to include one drinking picture.  This is also from Florence, 2002.  By the way I didn't scan ANY of my Spain pics, because, well, that's a lot of fuzzy drunk pictures and bad postcards is what that is.

Venice, 2002
Venice, 2002.  That's me with the braid.

Not included are pictures from Chile or the UK or Ireland, cuz I suddenly got terribly bored with my scanner.