08 April 2010


Hey! This is a picture of me smiling!
Someone.....Nope. Can't remember who.
Well anyways.
Someone on twitter accused me of never smiling on my dorky webcam dailybooth pics.
This is true!  But not because of any basic unhappiness on my part! 
It's because when I'm pointing my computer at my face for no particular reason, it's not WITH A SENSE OF OVERWHELMING JOY.
And I'm not a good fake-smiler. 
It goes along with being a terrible liar. 
And it's weird to smile at your own photobooth reflection.
I do smile!
Here is me smiling! 
I have a crooked smile, by the way.  My mom mocks me for it, but whatever.  Given the choice between crooked smile and crooked teeth? Yeah.