30 April 2010

Ridiculous and Uncommon Acts of Kindness

None of this is deserved.

I needed one stamp and didn't want to buy a pack of 20 stamps.  So I set about asking my coworkers if any of them had a stamp to spare.  Our general book buyer bought a pack of 20 stamps, so that he could give me one.

I asked one of the kids who works here if he had any gum.  He bought a pack and gave me a piece.

My morning bus driver waited an extra minute for me.

My boss let me change my schedule in a way that is less convenient for the store, but more convenient for me.

Two of my friends coordinated to babysit Gabriel for me on Wednesday, at great inconvenience and no reward to themselves.

Julia sent me an unsolicited and undeserved care package, full of things that I love.  She sent me a new pretty wallet!  It's yellow and sunshiny with flowers.