06 April 2010

Let's have a good week!

It's Tuesday already which of course means it's almost Wednesday, which of course means halfway to the weekend! That's how these things work right?

*I have been brainstorming my photo for 'temporary,' this week's diptych theme.  So far, I'm not sold on anything (read: haven't thought of anything).  Of course, I also haven't taken a single photo, so there's that.

*Ooh and this should be waiting for me when I get home. YES.

*My brother James is turning 18 on Friday.  I've been trying to think of nice things to say to him about that.  So far all I've come up with is YOU ARE NOT READY TO BE AN ADULT.  Although who is, really?  Certainly not me.

*I'm getting my tattoo worked on on Saturday (<--'on on'? Can that be right? Well no, and I know it's NOT right, because I shouldn't be ending that phrase with a preposition, but I'm not really enjoying the alternative, 'getting work done on my tattoo,' so here we are).  I have hopefully only two more appointments, possibly (hopefully not) three.  After this, my next is July 10th.  If we're all done then, I'll have taken exactly a year, from 7/11/09 to 7/10/10, to get this thing finished.  That would suit my sense of whole-circle-completeness very nicely I think.

*My weekend! In general! Is looking like it'll be rawhter nice.
Gabey's going to his dad's Thursday night. 
Saturday morning or possibly Friday night depending on what's happening in the world, I'm going up to San Francisco, to stay with my lovely Jules (shenanigans!)
I have aforementioned tattoo, and also aforementioned Giants game.
My mom's picking up Gabriel in Sacramento, so I have a break from that hateful Sunday drive.
I just have to think of the perfect photorepresentation for temporary, and my week's all set.