21 April 2010

How Do You Sleep At Night?

First, I wrote about wine over here, if you'd like to see.

From Julia.

So. My preference when I'm alone in my house (i.e. my kid is not going to come talk to me at 3am) is to sleep naked.  Of course my lifetime without roommates or kids has been extremely limited, so I usually don't.
The 95% of the time when nekkid isn't an option, I like to sleep in some sort of shirt that won't touch my neck AT ALL because otherwise I feel like I AM CHOKING AND ABOUT TO DIE.  It can be a tank top as long as my bewb won't somehow fall out of it while I sleep and make me feel saggy and old.
On the bottom I either wear a pair of 'jamma shorts or some undies.  Pants involve too much bunching around my legs, etc.  I also sometimes wear some sort of shortie nightgown or long shirt that fills all of my NOT CHOKING ME and NO BOOB FALLING OUT and NO BUNCHING AROUND MY LEGS problems. 

I hate it when sheets or blankies are tucked in at the feet of my bed.
I sleep with a down comforter and usually three or four pillows to choose from depending on whether I'm sleeping on my tummy, side, etc.
But.  I can't sleep when I'm hot OR if I don't have some sort of blankie covering so if it's summertime and boiling I usually use a topsheet for that purpose.
If it's summertime and REALLY hot (like if you live in Chico for instance), I will sometimes freak out from how hot I am and stick my head in the shower so my wet hair or will cool me off, or, if I'm really miserable, I will totally run my topsheet under the sink, which, I know from experience, drives EVERYONE crazy who isn't me, including Gabey who's like, WHY IS YOUR BED WET AND COLD?? and I'm like BECAUSE I'M HOT AND I CAN'T SLEEP WHEN I'M HOT AND THIS FEELS DELICIOUS.

Gabriel more or less sleeps in his own bed but if he wakes up to pee in the middle of the night he tends to wander into my room instead of his.

I'm pretty sure I talk in my sleep, and also I toss and turn and wake up to look at the clock a lot.  My aunt once described sharing a bed with me as sleeping with a spinning starfish, which sounds super appealing.