29 April 2010

GTT - When I Grow Up

I've never really had any high-minded career goals.

So far all I have is a list of things that I know I DON'T want to do.  Unless someone figures out how I can be a dolphin.

When I was in preschool I wanted to be a dolphin when I grew up.  Actually I wanted to be a mermaid but everyone knows that mermaids are make-believe. So. Dolphin.

In elementary school I used to wake up early every Sunday morning to watch the ERA real estate show, and then wake my mom up early to tell her which houses she should buy.  As investments.  So my mom told me that I should be a real estate agent and my grandpa told me that real estate agents are the slime of the earth, even slimier than lawyers, and I felt like I just want my mom to buy some of these houses?

Growing up in a restaurant/nightclub made me CERTAINSURE I was interested in ever owning a business.

College was fun.  I liked college.
I studied linguistics because I thought it was interesting.  I took language classes because I'm really, REALLY good at language classes, and I didn't have to write any papers, and I hate writing papers.  (Side note: I'm really GOOD at writing papers, I just don't LIKE it)
Then I did something foolish and graduated in three years instead of four (why? why did I DO THAT?).  At the ripe old age of 20 I had a piece of paper that meant I was officially done being an oversized child, and I still had no fricking CLUE what I was doing.  Because, hello?  I was twenty.
So then I held people's faces and boobs and bellehs open with skin hooks at a plastic surgery practice, and sterilized equipment, and ET CETERA.
Then I decided that I wanted to be brave and interesting and get my certificate to teach English as a second language and just LEAVE DAMMIT.
So I got my TESL certificate and I was teaching at the adult school in Santa Barbara, in the evenings, after the whole surgical assistant day gig, and then all of my friends who weren't idiots and had taken a proper four years to dick around as undergrads were graduating and hey! Applying for grad school?  Damns.  Maybe *I* should apply for grad school?  Because actually, I'm not all that brave or interesting, and the idea of flying off and living on my own and teaching English in a foreign country sounds terrifying.
My friend Sara, my linguistics department partner in crime (and charter member of the Cunning Linguists), was going to library school and she was very good at making it sound like a NATURAL PROGRESSION from linguistics to TESL certificates to library school and also she's one of those nerds that's actually very thumb-on-the-pulse cool, and *I* want to be thumb-on-the-pulse cool, and hey!  I like to read!  I like books!  I like libraries!
So I applied, and I got in, and then I set about creating reasons that I wanted to be a librarian.
I came up with some good ones.
Then I got knocked up towards the end of my first semester in grad school, which was.....awesome? 
Then I decided to have that baby, but also still get my MLIS (Library and Information Science), then before I knew it I had this master's degree and this fussy one year old and this deep dissatisfaction with my life.
So as soon as I got a job, I struck out on my own, but of course 'a job' was just some crappy admin crap, and there was this whole matter of needing-but-not-getting financial support, and et cetera, and before you know it there I was working as a glorified secretary, drowning in wholly untenable life and debt, blah blah bleeblahbitty blah EMO-SAD-PANTS FOOD STAMPS WELFARE SADNESS STORY HERE (if you're REALLY interested (which I doubt), this is the point where I started this blog, *waves hand vaguely at some archives*).
Then I decided if I was going to be trapped in crappy admin jobs for the rest of my life, I was at least going to do it somewhere that I had some semblance of a support network, and some adults I could count on to be there for me, and make a plan about my life where it didn't suck, and stuff.
So I got this admin job I have now, in SC.
I have a nice benefits package, and I like my boss, and I'm not going to die from job-related stress.

I'm also only 27, which maybe doesn't seem like ONLY if you're younger than me, but it seems like ONLY if you ARE me, because 27 isn't old enough to be stuck.  Yet.  I don't think?
I'm 27 with a bachelor's degree that I had fun getting, and a graduate degree that I've never used, and many years of admin experience, and some fancy wrist braces for the carpal tunnel.
Oh and I guess I also have a four year old. 

I'm thinking about going back to school, once Gabriel starts school.

I'll keep you posted.

I'll let you know if I ever decide what I want to do when I grow up.