15 April 2010

GTT - Spring Fashion Lust

So....this week's Girl Talk Thursday topic is I'm is 'what fashions are you lusting after?'
I'm interpreting that as code for, Hey JennyGrace! What do you currently love at Anthropologie?
Is that cool?
Okay cool.

Since I did an Anthro Shirt Gimme post not too long ago, I'll stick with dresses, and a couple pairs of shoes thrown in for kicks. And today I'm not posting prices, because I find Anthro pricing to be generally depressing.

Blazing Rays Dress.  I have been fantasizing about owning this dress since I first saw it. Because red! And summer! And flattering swoopy gathery thingy!  I love it! I want it! Make it so!

Dotted Greetings Dress. Don't love it quite as much as the red, but I think I could really love it *a lot* if it was in my closet.

Caballo Falls Dress.  Love the color, the cut, the print, the details. Et cetera.  Do you detect a theme?

Chocolate Chip Dress.  It's adorable.  And we all know it.  Ruffle hem!

Cooling Palette Dress. This one reminds me of this dress that I have already (mainly in cut, but also in spottedness). That I love. So. Clearly.  I think it's clear.

Grevy's Wedges. Like crazy stripper shoes, except I have myself almost convinced that they are sensible.

Masked Avenger Heels. Perfect. Superhero. Shoes.  My superpower would be killer footwear.

What about you? What are you lusting after these days?