02 April 2010

Fun! Child! Activitity! (Picture a manic smile)


Took Gabey to the movies yesterday evening, where he ate an ungodly amount of popcorn, plus peanut butter M&Ms (the only kind worth eating and MY GOD TAKE THEM AWAY FROM ME I CAN'T STOP PUTTING THEM IN MY MOUTH).  He also, adorably, pulled his best YUCK face when Main Character got kissed by Love Interest. 
Movie was good.  I mean, not what I would choose to see on my own time with consenting adults, but if you decide to take your kids to the movies, this one isn't torturous mind-rape.
At this point I could go into a lengthy discussion on the difference between Pixar and Dreamworks, but I'll spare us all and just...not (Plus my loyalties kinda lie with Pixar). 

Anyhow! Movie! It's kinda cute!  Aside from the fact that Love Interest is voiced by America Ferrera, whom I totally adore, but MAN OH MAN, she is a poorly acted cartoon character!  And the end is pretty silly.
Movie was good!

What was less good was getting home from the movies and having Gabriel ask to watch a movie.
Before I could even sound out the 'o' on my 'no' I had him prostrate on the floor shrieking and wailing about my cruelty. 
Let's also maybe not discuss bedtime last night, which involved much.more.wailing.  We did both, eventually, get to sleep.