23 March 2010

Sweetest Mimi Girl

Our family is chronically short on girls.  There was me, then a big flood of boys in the form of brothers and cousins and nephews and sons, then, finally, 24 years later, sweet little Camille.  She's my aunt Rebecca's daughter, my first cousin, and today she is three.


She insists on keeping her hair cut short, to keep grown-ups from fussing with it.
She has beautiful thick brown hair that would grow down to her waist if she let it.
But she has strong opinions, so don't even think about it.
She's the youngest kid right now.
She plays just as hard as all the boys.
She knows how to keep up.
She's tough.
She can hold her own.


She squeals like you just would not believe.
She runs.
She dresses either in hand-me-downs from all the boys, or in dresses made by her grandmother.

Race through the Garden

Camille & Elliot

Oh but we all just LOVE her to pieces.

Gabey & Mimi

And today she's three.
Happy birthday sweet girl.