30 March 2010



In all of the over ten years that we've been friends, not once have I felt like there was something that I couldn't bring to you.  I've always been able to tell you everything.  I've never felt compelled to be anything but honest with you, anything but myself.  We have a completely truthful friendship.  I feel like you know me inside and out and you even love the parts of me that are terrible, and that's such a rare, wonderful thing.

I can talk to you for two minutes or two hours.  I can call you every day or maybe just every six months.  Our closeness doesn't change.  You're still you and I'm still me and we still get each other, even from opposite coasts.

You are this effervescent, beautiful, glowing sunshine person.  You are kind and funny and amazing and real and serious when you need to be and fun when you can be and you're probably one of the most genuinely good people I've ever had the good fortune to lure into my clutches.

It breaks my heart that I haven't seen you in over a year.  Even as far apart as we are, I expect, I plan to see you once or twice a year.

I miss you like crazy and I absolutely cherish you and I hope you have the most truly wonderful day today.  I hope you wake up full of good feelings and your day is full of good things.

You're the best.

You deserve the best.

Happy birthday sweetheart.

 (I'm even posting one of the world's most terrible pictures of myself, because I think you look so damned adorable)