05 March 2010

LuShae Jewelry

Okay, so! LuShae Jewelry.
A couple months ago a nice lady asked if she could send me some jewelry so I could see if I liked it. SHOCKINGLY, I was happy to oblige.  I picked out some pretty sparkly earrings, and then I got them, and now I wear them.  Wanna see?
Pretty, huh? They're fun 'going out' earrings, on account of the dangling and the sparkling. Observe.


Aren't they fun?

I have metal sensitivities, and normally can't wear FUN! earrings unless I take them in and have the part that goes in my earhole replaced with a precious metal part to go in my earhole, which is inconvenient, to say the least. They don't make FUN! earrings of the precious metal variety, that I've seen anyways.
So the earrings I have, being MADE OF PRECIOUS METALS, tend to be sedate little studs. These earrings, which are made out of...(checking website)...."White Gold Rhodium Bond" didn't bother my poor delicate ears at all, even after hours of wear.

Anyhow. Earrings. Sparkly. I like them.  If I had $90 laying around I'd buy them myself.
From LuShae Jewelry.
Disclaimer: I received these earrings free of charge, with the understanding that I'd write about them here, which I am.  My opinion was not paid for, and is my own.

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