18 March 2010

Lees Gets Married, Happiness Abounds

Here's Lisa singing at her reception.  Love her, love it, watch it, etc. 
I sort of trip over myself halfway through making this video, which makes for an awesomely steady camera.  HIRE ME AS YOUR VIDEOGRAPHER.

And, of course, pictures! ZOMG! I love weddings.  I mean...how can you not?  Especially weddings where I get to meet the Wednesday afternoon crowd at a local dive bar.  It was awesome, I felt like an anthropologist. 
Until, yknow, the rest of the WEDDING people got there and pointed out that I was just being a weirdo, and possibly kind of mean.
But then I drank a glass of vodka.
So that helped.

Beautiful Bride

Me and Lisa

Kiss the Bride

Colette, Lisa, me

Lisa & Kid