25 March 2010

Four Day Weekend Day One

In bullet points!

*Gabey wanted to go to school, so I let him.
*Grocery store without a kid!
*Drug store!
*Tried to undye my hair. Mostly worked. Photo evidence to follow.
*Tried to unpaint my toes. Mostly worked. Photo evidence likely not to follow.
*Waxed myself. Which hurts, FYI. No photo evidence to follow.
*Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs oh NOM NOM NOM THEY ARE DELISHUS.
*Helped my mom load a desk into her car.
*Mediocre sushi lunch with my mom.
*Coffee and desserts with my mom and sister.
*Picked up Gabriel, played with him lots.
*Swim lessons.
*Play time.
*Play time.
*Books, books, books.  That kid needs a shorter attention span, if I do say so myself.
*Wine in bed.
*Here I am in bed.