17 March 2010

Everything About Today (a very scattered post)

First I've got my Diptych Project, which of course I do with Kellee.  Go here for explanation, and space to link up your own will appear way down at the bottom of this LONG post.  This week the theme was 'open', and next week we'll be rounding out the pair and working on 'closed'.
The red hair may be fake, but rest assured that the Irish? The Irish is real.  Well, Irish smooshed around with Scottish and English and Welsh.  With a tiny pinch of everything else you can imagine.  But! The Irish is there.
(Although just between you and me?  I would totally still be wearing green and drinking Guinness today, regardless of cultural heritage)
That I look pretty normal covered in freckles and dressed like a shamrock is an added bonus.

My first day at my current job was two years ago today.  Two years now I've been in SC.  
I'm glad I moved, but truth be told, I'm getting bored. 
I need to be here, I really do.  
Gabriel needs his grandparents and cousins and security and family.  
I need the help and the support.
But I'm getting bored.
I'm starting to cast about for the next thing.  We've gained footing, our lives have finally started to settle, and I am FINALLY starting to feel like I can look up to what's next.
What's next?
I don't know yet.
I'm settled geographically.
I still feel pretty good about my job.
So I guess we will just have to see.

Today my very good friend Lisa is getting married (you should click over and give her music a listen, she's the next big thing I promise, and besides, she's GETTING MARRIED TODAY, listen to one of her happy songs and smile.).
I've known this gorgeous girl since junior high, and she doesn't even have to USE hair dye to join the Awesome Gingers Club.
I'm ridiculously happy for her.
I love weddings.
I love all the happiness and friendship and everyone looks so pretty and everyone is thrilled to the moon to be there and.....
I just love weddings.
And Lisa.
So that's where I'll be.
Congrats girly you are so beautiful.

Lisa on her birthday

Kissy Faces