04 March 2010

Class Pictures!

Check it! Class photo time! Some of these I've posted here before (probably), but I was flipping through my flickr stream the other day and MAH GAWD, I didn't realize I had such quantity all up and available on the interwebs.
So! Class pictures (not comprehensive but in chronological order)
me, kindergarten
Kindergarten! My dad works the swing shift, so he used to get me ready and take me to school every day in kindergarten. Which involved brushing my hair and asking if I was wearing underwear. I was always pissed that he would ask because OBVIO I was wearing underwear, but in retrospect I'm thinkin' maybe there was one day that he didn't ask and I wasn't, which would explain the vigilance.

Second Grade
Second Grade! The year of my infatuation with NKOTB. Check out my hair! Ill-advised bangs were a result of my best friend having bangs. They didn't work out. I also dig the lace get-up I've got goin' on.

5th Grade
Fifth grade! (Also Superjules). Man oh man. Check out my HAIR.

Now let's move on to high school shall we?
9th Grade
I think my hair is like, shellacked with gel? It's an awesome look, to be sure. God don't you remember being 14 and thinking you were SO grown up? Look at me I was just a little girl!

10th Grade
Tenth Grade! God that's so Bershon. I'm pouty cuz I got carted off to crazy hippie private school but ALSO, I'm not smiling cuz I broke my front tooth on a rafting trip days before and it was filled but all wonky and I hated it and I hate my life and OH THE PAIN THE CRUEL CRUEL PAIN.

11th Grade
Eleventh Grade! I decided to smile again, even at the hippie school with the broken tooth (which you can see, but I shall live). My great-grandpa made those bracelets, the bigger one was engraved from him to his wife nineteen thirty something with love (he was a jeweler). I don't know where they are. I mean, I'm sure they're SOMEWHERE. Don't tell my dad.