31 March 2010

Diptych - Loud

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30 March 2010


Waiting at the bus stop, in that particularly SC weather that’s not rain exactly, yet much too heavy for fog. The kind that makes my hair go frizzing out every which way. Thick, wet mist that leaves droplets on my eyelashes. I think if I were a fern...I’m waiting for the bus, awash in perfect conditions for a happy fern.
On the bus, with every possible leave me alone social cue carefully in place. Sunglasses, earphones, book. Don’t talk to me. Let me be.  Allow  me these ten minutes of peace to piece myself together before I have to start being me again. It always startles me, how many people don’t read the signs, cut through all of my defenses with a determined shoulder tap. Whatcha reading?
Walking on my lunch break. The weather has flipped back from Chilly Autumn into Pleasant Sunny Spring. My mind wanders. I watch the sun glint off the ocean glass. In my head I tick off my endless list of Things To Do and Remember. I measure myself against other walkers, against runners. Could I run? I'd like, I think I'd like, to be a runner. Or maybe just to think of myself as a runner?
I don't know if I have enough time though, really.
Or maybe I do.
I don't know.
Maybe I don't really want to run.
On the bus, the nearly empty bus. I choose a window seat near the rear door. I rest my forehead on the glass and it feels cool and icy and hard and perfect. A girl with too much stuff and too loud music sits down next to me. Right, exactly, squashing me against the window, next to me. On a virtually empty bus. Why? Why would you do that?
At my stop, she has to stand up to let me leave.  To let me get off a very nearly empty bus.



In all of the over ten years that we've been friends, not once have I felt like there was something that I couldn't bring to you.  I've always been able to tell you everything.  I've never felt compelled to be anything but honest with you, anything but myself.  We have a completely truthful friendship.  I feel like you know me inside and out and you even love the parts of me that are terrible, and that's such a rare, wonderful thing.

I can talk to you for two minutes or two hours.  I can call you every day or maybe just every six months.  Our closeness doesn't change.  You're still you and I'm still me and we still get each other, even from opposite coasts.

You are this effervescent, beautiful, glowing sunshine person.  You are kind and funny and amazing and real and serious when you need to be and fun when you can be and you're probably one of the most genuinely good people I've ever had the good fortune to lure into my clutches.

It breaks my heart that I haven't seen you in over a year.  Even as far apart as we are, I expect, I plan to see you once or twice a year.

I miss you like crazy and I absolutely cherish you and I hope you have the most truly wonderful day today.  I hope you wake up full of good feelings and your day is full of good things.

You're the best.

You deserve the best.

Happy birthday sweetheart.

 (I'm even posting one of the world's most terrible pictures of myself, because I think you look so damned adorable)

29 March 2010

More Sunday Sunshine

I went a little crazy playing with my camera yesterday.  

Gabriel & Camille



Clouded Opal




What? You don't let your kids play on ancient farm equipment? Why ever not?

Sunshine Baby

26 March 2010

for no reason at all



Here's some pictures of Gabriel from the fall of 2007.
Thigh rolls!
My dad did his diaper.  He always pins the neatest, trimmest diapers.

Happy Friday!

25 March 2010

Four Day Weekend Day One

In bullet points!

*Gabey wanted to go to school, so I let him.
*Grocery store without a kid!
*Drug store!
*Tried to undye my hair. Mostly worked. Photo evidence to follow.
*Tried to unpaint my toes. Mostly worked. Photo evidence likely not to follow.
*Waxed myself. Which hurts, FYI. No photo evidence to follow.
*Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs oh NOM NOM NOM THEY ARE DELISHUS.
*Helped my mom load a desk into her car.
*Mediocre sushi lunch with my mom.
*Coffee and desserts with my mom and sister.
*Picked up Gabriel, played with him lots.
*Swim lessons.
*Play time.
*Play time.
*Books, books, books.  That kid needs a shorter attention span, if I do say so myself.
*Wine in bed.
*Here I am in bed.

24 March 2010

Tarte Cheek Stain

I had to go to Sephora for some of my beauty must-haves, and I picked up this Cheek Stain (in Blissful and for $30) as a total impulse buy.  Considering that I still made it out of the store spending less than $100, which is a near-impossibility for me and my poor impulse control and my lofty makeup snobbery, I'm calling the trip a success.

This stuff?  PURE.MAGIC.
It's super easy/dummy proof to put on.  Like a gliding gel-type stuff.  The color I got is a very nice neutral that I think would flatter most skin tones.  And it blends in perfectly.  And it's not flaky or cakey or anything. And, and, and. It's wonderful.
Listen, I'm leery about blush, and I love it. 
This is the first blush I've ever loved ever in my whole life.  I tried to buy some back in November of '08, but the experience was....laughable at best.

This stuff.
I love it.
You would too.
You can buy it here.
I bought my Tarte Cheek Stain with mah own moneh!
I don't get jack diddly if you buy this stuff, beyond my own happiness if you like it as much as I do.
If someone wants to pay me for writing this, that's cool I guess.  But it hasn't happened yet.

Diptych - Closed

I do my diptychs in collaboration with Kellee.
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Next week Kellee and I are working with 'loud' as our theme, or you can choose your own.

23 March 2010

Sweetest Mimi Girl

Our family is chronically short on girls.  There was me, then a big flood of boys in the form of brothers and cousins and nephews and sons, then, finally, 24 years later, sweet little Camille.  She's my aunt Rebecca's daughter, my first cousin, and today she is three.


She insists on keeping her hair cut short, to keep grown-ups from fussing with it.
She has beautiful thick brown hair that would grow down to her waist if she let it.
But she has strong opinions, so don't even think about it.
She's the youngest kid right now.
She plays just as hard as all the boys.
She knows how to keep up.
She's tough.
She can hold her own.


She squeals like you just would not believe.
She runs.
She dresses either in hand-me-downs from all the boys, or in dresses made by her grandmother.

Race through the Garden

Camille & Elliot

Oh but we all just LOVE her to pieces.

Gabey & Mimi

And today she's three.
Happy birthday sweet girl.


22 March 2010

Fancypants Anthropologie Shirts

I've been dissatisfied with my shirts for awhile now. Here are some from Anthropologie (of course) that I love (of course).
As an aside, what do you think it would take to get paid in clothes from Anthropologie? The obvious answer is getting a job there, but we don't have one in my area. And that makes me beyond sad.

Hourglass Surplice, $48 (also in black)
Bouquet of Stripes Tee, $68 (assorted colors)
Creative Outlet Tank, $58 (also in navy)
Molded & Melded Tee, $48 (assorted colors)
Buds & Bunches Tee, $58 (assorted colors)
Climbing Cowlneck, $48 (assorted colors)

Swim Lessons

It's swim lesson season again.
Gabriel's a goldfish.
That's the name of his class level, although he is a golden little fish.
He's already starting to turn lovely toasty brown.
His hair is whitening up in the sunshine. 
He's both the youngest and the smallest kid in his class.  He can't quite stand up in their designated part of the pool.  He has to hop around on his tippy toes when it's not his turn to practice his pizza arms or his ice cream scoopers or his superman glides.
He can't swim, exactly, but he can drown in a direction
Plus he looks darn cute in his goggles.

Swim Lessons 3/16/20

Swim Lessons 3/16/20

Swim Lessons 3/16/20

Swim Lessons 3/16/20

21 March 2010

Weekly Winners - Wedding v2.0

Weekly Winners

Did I tell you how my lovey Lisa got married on Wednesday?  She did it again on Saturday for a slightly different crowd.  This time around I brought Gabriel, who insisted on stripping off his party clothes and wearing his 'jamas.  I think the other guests forgave him though.





OMG don't look at my hair



Under the Veil


Me, Lisa, Lisa's Bewbs, Ish, Colette, Kevin

All pictures here.