06 February 2010

The Ranch

The Ranch

This is where I grew up, only, y'know, looking like it did 25 years ago.  So all those little trees planted here and there are now GREAT BIG MONSTER TREES, and this view doesn't actually exist.
This is the view from my grandparents' deck, by the way.  So.
1.  My aunt Rebecca lives in these woods.  In what used to be a cabin but now has indoor plumbing and bedrooms and stuff.  There is a path.
2.  This is my parents' barn, which is of the storage variety, as opposed to the animal kind.
3.  This ridge top is our property line up thattaways. And now there's a house. Right.There.  They were dumping garbage and growing mary-jay-juana on our land until my dad and my brother and my uncles walked up there all tall and menacing like and dug out all their plants and had some strong words.  That's one of the things about living in the sticks: dope growing squatters.
4.  This is my parents house! Hi!  I grew up there!  It's the original farm house from way-back-when.
5.  That's the rosebush.  I'm pointing it out because my sister used to charge Duncan and me rent to crawl in there and sit.  And we would pay.  She also fed us thistle down and maple leaves. Salted.
6.  That's the barn of the animal-holding variety.  Except it's since been torn down and rebuilt and now it's used primarily for lumber storage.  And baby chickens.  There used to be bee hives out back, before my mom became deathly allergic.  Julia and I used to jump out of the hay loft, over the bee hives, and into the grass.
7.  That's the chicken coop. And it still is, only those two tiny trees are now two giant trees, about three times the height of the coop.
8.  That's the boat barn, called such because it looks like an upside-down boat.  It used to be the barn that held the lumber (now barn #6), but then my uncle Ben moved from his cabin to there, which is what created the shift in the first place.
9.  This is the grape arbor.  It has a picnic table and its where we have outdoor birthday parties and such.  At my sister's wedding I got drunk and high and jumped off the roof and tore the ligaments in both my ankles. Because I am a Mental Giant.
10.  That's a little feed/tool shed.
11.  This is THE feed shed, home to the tractor, the brooders (for the chickens), and various tools and such.

Off to the left, nearish the grape arbor, is the reservoir.
Off to the left, like the immediate left of where the picture taker is standing, are some cabins (including Ben's old cabin), and the bath house (two sinks, two showers, two toilets for the unplumbed cabins).
Behind my parents' house but before you get to Rebecca's is the place my sister and brother-in-law have been working on. 

Here's a currentish (last Easter) picture taken from the driveway in front of my parents' house, looking towards my grandparents' house (you can just make out the roof behind those trees, and the line of the grape arbor is just in front of that):
Easter 2009
That's the rosebush just beyond the gate on the left, and the walk up to my parents' house is on the right just at that hose.

And here's an entirely unrelated photo of my parents' vegetable garden, if such things inspire you:
Parents' Garden