01 February 2010

No Salient Category

*First! Bunnies! Five commenters guessed The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes!  (I'm including the comment from NoWheyMama that says, "I love that book," cuz I'm assuming she knows what book she loves).  Plus I think I got a DM about it on Teh Twitter, but I can't remember who from.  I would count it as an entry, but clearly, I'm not.
So five people! 
I wrote your names on strips of paper and threw them up in the air and had Gabriel catch one AND!
Princess Jenn! Email me with your info (grace! at! missdisgrace! dot! com!)! I will send you a care package!

*Speaking of mailing things, I sent out all my New Year's cards except: Everyone who lives in a country not the USA, and, randomly, Jenny, even though she's in Texas. Current goal is to mail them...ever?

*Sunday I playdated with VDog, Papasan, Momily, Ewokmama, and all associated kidlets.
Photo Evidence!

*Sunday night I went to Grace Davis' Grammy Party! Her house is always, always lovely.  She is lovely.  Gwendomama was there, and Gabriel was thrilled to play with Bubbles.
Some blurry kidlet pics:

*I think there's a bunch of other stuff, but the mind? It is but a sieve. I'll think on it.