22 February 2010

I love the interwebs

Five Bloggers Whom I Adore
Terra/ZoeyJane (@zoeyjane)- She says anything, I say, "Me too."  There are all of these inarticulable thoughts and ideas that bounce and float around in my head and keep me up at night and hold me back and push me forward and make me want to scream and make me want to laugh.
I suppose they must be in her head too,  because she catches them and twists them into lovely, perfect words.  And I think, "Yeah. Me too."

MariaMelee (@mariamelee)- A calm, perfect voice in a sea of chaos.  She's in turns wicked funny, and thoughtful, and joyous.  She makes me think.  She makes me smile.
Plus I'm pretty sure our boys would adore one another.

Lora/Fever (Used to be Twitter, and then quit it for internet porn or something)- In turns wickedly funny and awesomely insightful. We have long, rambly ranting email conversations.  Her words are magic and champagne bubbles.  I fantasize about meeting her and hugging her for reals.

María/Blissed (@maria0305)- I adore María for lots and lots of reasons.  One is that she manages to be simultaneously bad-ass and kind.  I can't help but admire a woman who knows her opinions and stands up for them.  I like her bewbs I value our friendship.

Jenny, The Bloggess (@thebloggess)- Everybody loves Jenny. If they don't they deserve to be stabbed Everyone loves Jenny because she is liquid awesome dipped in rainbows.  She's one of the most genuinely sweet people I've ever met and she is absolutely gracious to everyone (including me) who just wants to bask in the presence of her amazingness.