18 January 2010

Save to Draft

The entire (albeit often nonsensical) text of some posts I currently have saved to draft.  Editorial notes have been added in italics:
(Related, my great-aunt's answering machine was the only place her voice was ever recorded. When she got throat cancer, it was the only place anyone would hear her voice.  After she passed away, you could still listen to her on the machine)

I have no idea what this is related to, or why it's parenthetical.  
Things my parents do not own:
High speed internet

Things my parents DO own:
Clothes line

This looks like a pretty damn important list!
So. I walk at lunch (Often with Kat, but sometimes I ditch her for the hour of alone time and I think hope she loves me anyhow). I started out walking 1 1/2 miles in 45ish minutes.  Now I can do 2 in 35, so sometimes I add another lap (1/2 mile track) and make it 2 1/2, if I'm not too hot. And still have my 10 minutes to spare for dicking around.
I'm not going to do any kind of lunch break exercise that involves breaking a sweat, because I'm not willing to incorporate the whole change/shower/change aspect. And I don't really like to sweat unless there's a post-perspire shower option.

If I had to guess, and apparently I do, this was going to be a post about my exercise routine.
I've been working on this sort of.....long term tidiness goal where in addition to MINIMAL MAINTENANCE TO AVOID LIVING IN FILTH, each weekend I try to tackle one thing extra.  Last weekend I got a pass because I was trying not to die.
But the weekend before that! I did my oven.
And before that! I scrubbed all that grossness from my bathtub grout and reorganized under the sink.
So this weekend I decided to readdress the problem of my desk.

buahahahaha I have no idea when this was written, but I can tell you for CERTAIN that my desk has not been addressed or readdressed or anything else. I AM SLOVENLY.