08 January 2010

My Compliments

The New Girl wrote a post about compliments that she consistently receives, and I thought that sounded like a nice idea, especially since the things I think I'm good at are not the same things I get complimented on.
My mouth/teeth - It's true that I have (never braced!) very straight, white teeth.  I tend to disregard this compliment because my teeth are horribly lacking a desire to STAY IN MY MOUTH, and to me, that's more important than how they look in there.

My boobs/waist/butt ratio - Some people like my rack and some people like my rear, but I most consistently get compliments on the overall proportions of my body, which do, lucky for me, stay relatively the same regardless of my pants size.  W00t for uniformity of weight loss and gain!

Freckles - I've always hated my freckles, but throughout my life there has always been a steady stream of freckle lovers to tell me that mine are cute.  I assume there are an equal, if not greater, number of freckle haters, but they keep it to themselves.

My face - There are about a million things about my face which I'm not really fond of (roundness, forehead height, eye smallness and asymmetry, eyebrow invisibleness, etc), but I have, throughout my life, been told that I'm pretty in the face, and I'm getting to a point where I just say thank you instead of pointing out my double chin and the funny lines that bisect my cheeks diagonally.

Memory - I have a very good memory.  Not quite as good as my sister's, but I still remember who I sat next to in second grade, and when your birthday is, and how to spell that guy's last name, and my work schedule my sophomore year in college, and every student ID number I've ever had, and the dreams I had in elementary school, and every Lego set anyone has ever given Gabriel.

The Things I Can Do With My Hair - My hair, while not in and of itself particularly exciting, is a sort of middling darkish blonde neutral color that will dye whateverwhichway you please, and, while distinctly curly, will straighten or curl more or whatever you want it to do.  I have the perfect hair for that messy-yet-fancy-looking up-do where you just shove bobby pins in there until it stops falling onto your shoulders.  Anyhow, when I do my hair, it tends to listen and behave, and that means I can sometimes do fancy things.

Being Fun - I tend to be pretty high energy in social situations, plus I have no shame, and I'm willing to try new stuff.
I actually started with the whole bouncy hyperactivity thing because I was so incredibly socially anxious and I was attempting a fake it till you make it approach.  But now that tends to just be how I behave, which, in many settings, is fun, although I worry a lot about it being obnoxious. 

Being Funny - I think this is mostly my willingness (see: lack of shame, above) to tell embarrassing stories about myself.

That's all I can think of.
I would like you to tell me what compliments you receive, because I'm interested, and I probably agree.