21 January 2010

GTT - Feeling Peevish

A list of things that make me shoot hate rays out of my eyeholes, presented in no particular order

- Being touched without permission.  This is a weird one because I am actually a touchy-feely cuddle whore. BUT ONLY WHEN I DESIGNATE THAT RELATIONSHIP.  Strangers, or even known parties with whom Touch Boundary Crossing has not been cleared? Squicks me right the fuck out and makes me go all shrinkydink inside of myself BACK AWAY DO NOT WANT WHERE IS MY INVISIBILITY CLOAK RUN AWAY RUN AWAY.
(A couple people have asked me if my tattoo makes douchefuckers touch my back more, and while they NOW touch my back under the guise of tattoo inspection, they are the very same who found other excuses before)

-Related to above, sorta, people touching my face. Do not like or want. Exception: If we are currently making out/doin' it. Obvs.

-People who engage in weird personal hygiene in public.  Read: toenail clipping, flossing, etc.

-Going out to eat with friends, splitting the bill, and discovering that someone is a shitty tipper.  And then having to pay more than you ought to make sure waitress still gets a decent tip.

-Loud cell phone talkers. On public transport especially, although really anywhere.

-The following outfit, which seems especially popular amongst the 19-22 year-old hoochie college student crowd:  Ugg boots, mini-skirt/booty shorts, teensy shirt, scarf.  If your feet and your neck are that cold? WEAR A FUCKING SWEATER.

-When people end relationships (friend or romantic) by NEVER CALLING AGAIN OR RESPONDING TO YOU.  There's mutual drift-out-of-touch stuff, and that's fine, but intentional non-response as a means of moving on?  Seriously bugs me.  I try never to do it.

-Creepy fuckers on the internet.  And if you are wondering, "Could she possibly be talking about me?" Then the answer is probably yes, because if there's ANY reason AT ALL that you're asking that question?  Then you know in your soul that you're a creepo and seriously? Cut that shit out.  I know I have a website about boobs and I also know that I'm single and I also know that I have a vajay but seriously?  No. The answer is no.
(For further information on this subject, please see Holly's post)