28 January 2010

GTT - Beauty Secrets

I don't know if any of what follows are 'secrets' exactly, but, y'know, here's some stuff I do.

-I use my flat iron to fix my clothing hems when I'm too lazy to iron.
-I try only to buy clothes that flatter my figure, even if they're not the clothes that are currently en vogue.
-I use a foundation primer.
-I use sunscreen religiously.  I used to work for a plastic surgeon. I HAVE SEEN THE DAMAGE OF THE RAYS OF THE SUN (also? I'm white).  I put the extra face sunscreen on the backs of my hands because your hands are exposed to the sun more than any other part of your body and there's no such thing as cosmetic hand surgery. And hands age very badly with ropey veins and sun spots and leatheriness.
-I drink an absurd amount of water.
-I try to get enough sleep.
-I try to distract from my squishiness with my boobs.
-I brush my teeth a lot.
-I exfoliate.
-I don't wash my hair every day because if I wash it too often it starts to get all simultaneously oily plus dry = bizarro unattractive.
-I buy expensive makeup
-I only date people who think I'm hot.

That's all I got. What about you?