27 January 2010

Gabriel's Birthday - What did I buy?

Okay this post is going to be kinda long and seem MUCHLY FULL OF THINGS, because for thing one, I buy presents for Gabriel year-round and save 'em up for birthday/Christmas, and thing two, I got him a crap ton of clothes and stuff he needs.

Also I bought a lot of this stuff locally and support my struggling California economy, but I'm listing the Amazon stuff because hi! Pictures! And links!

(I got these from a local store because they were on sale for $10. And because they're awesome)

($25.90 on Amazon. I got mine locally for $29 plus tax)
Bought these because Gabriel has no rainboots, and needs some, and these were the only pair in his size.

LEGO Castle Building Set, $9.93 at Amazon.

LEGO Ultimate Building Set, $24.88 from Amazon

Skip Hop Zoo Pack (Penguin), $20 from Amazon

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Magnetic Pattern Blocks Set, $16.44 at Amazon, I bought locally, for $15ish (store was having sale)

Melissa & Doug Joey Magnetic Dress-Up, $11.04 at Amazon (I bought locally, similar price)

'LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game: Star Wars Jedi Reading, $22.70 from Amazon
Windbreaker Jacket, $25 from the GAP

I also bought him a wooden sword and shield, a couple Papo knights (from local toy store), a couple long sleeved shirts, and a pack of underwear.

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