21 January 2010

Daniel, 13


Of the five of us, it's definitely you who's the funniest.  Seriously, you crack my shit up.  You've been spot-on, grown-up funny since you were about five years old.
These days you know you're funny, and you've been perfecting your routines. Impressions of your math teacher. Your rants about ketchup packets.

Daniel James

You're the youngest but you're already almost taller than me, a state your older brothers didn't reach for another couple years.  I keep telling James that he should stop beating on you because you're going to be bigger than him, and you're freakishly strong in the same way that I am but James is not. So he needs to cut that shit out before he gets his ass kicked.


I have no idea what to buy you for your birthday.  As far as I can tell you like:

-Weird, flamboyant high top shoes
-Flat brimmed hats
-Video games
-Various remote-controlled devices
-MAYBE your skateboard and your bike, but I'm unsure
-Your iPod

The shoes and hats are out, cuz you have to pick those out yourself.  The only video games I play are those old school gameboy ones that you need the gameboy advance for cuz they don't work on the DS.  I can't care about remote controlled anythingatall.  I'd get you iTunes gift cards but since I just got a bunch for Christmas, there would be no way to prove that it's not a regift.

Daniel & Neighbor


You're 13.

Happy birthday.